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Redes de paquetes de extremo a extremo

Cambie su forma de hacer negocios con la entrega de servicios y orquestación de extremo a extremo.

El tráfico de paquetes genera más del 75% del uso de ancho de banda de servicios empresariales del mundo. Y ese número, impulsado por datos móviles, televisión de alta definición, y conectividad WAN empresarial, sigue subiendo.

Ya sea que esté consumiendo, vendiendo o construyendo servicios empresariales, elegir el mejor enfoque para abordar sus necesidades de redes de paquetes es crucial para lograr la transformación de su negocio. 

The Big 3

No. 1

Transform your network to better compete against traditional and non-traditional competitors while lowering ongoing total cost of network ownership to counteract declining margins

No. 2

Successfully target 4G/5G, TDM/L2/L3/VNF Business Services, and Fiber Deep opportunities in the access/aggregation/metro network via simpler, cost-effective, purpose-built packet solutions

No. 3

Implement a more adaptive network to future-proof businesses via greater automation, intent-based control, and self-optimization to capitalize on new business opportunities

What’s next

As the market for high-bandwidth packet services evolves, network operators require flexible and rapid infrastructure deployment to maintain pace with dynamic network conditions and varying customer requirements. Evolutionizing your TDM Business Services transport, as well as your IP-enabled networks, is critical to building a scalable, adaptive packet network—one that leverages automation, intent-based control, and self-optimization to successfully drive your business into the future.

Industry insights

Many industry verticals are experiencing unprecedented bandwidth growth, and a dramatic shift in user traffic patterns—thanks to the ever-expanding use of cloud-based applications, Business Services, video-centric content, and storage.

This growth, plus the continued transition to the cloud, means that connectivity services are even more vital to business differentiation and survival than they’ve ever been before.

Traditional approaches struggle to deliver the performance levels and cost-points required. Network operators simply can’t address ongoing growth while targeting emerging business opportunities, like 5G and Fiber Deep, without building a more adaptive network. Evolutionizing is the only way forward.

Ciena Insights

It’s time to take control of your own destiny—it’s time to evolutionize.

To remain competitive and grow your business, you must address new and emerging business opportunities such as 4G/5G, TDM/L2/L3/VNF Business Services, and Fiber Deep. And that’s impossible without shifting toward a more scalable, less operationally complex, IP-enabled packet network—one that lays the foundation for the Adaptive Network.

Our new Adaptive IP, coupled with support for coherent optics, enables a streamlined, purpose-built packet network, from access to metro. That means you can migrate away from TDM networks, while still supporting legacy services—all with the same hardware and software. We also offer professional services to guide you through the transition to a simple and seamless all-packet network.

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